I studied Mathematics at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan.
I earned a PhD from Université Pierre et Marie Curie ( UPMC - Paris 6 ), where I studied with Bruno Després at Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions.

I am currently a Courant Instructor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Mini-symposia organization

Waves in Plasmas seminar

I organized last semester (spring'15) together with Jacob Bedrossian a seminar on waves in plasmas. Find all you need to know about in the WiPs tab.


In a broad sense I am interested in the propagation of time-harmonic waves in plasmas. More specifically, my work includes:

  • Development and analysis of a high order Discontinuous Galerkin method, based on generalized plane waves adapted to smooth coefficients. Simulation of plasma cut-offs.
  • Theoretical analysis of singular integral equation modeling a plasma resonance in the cold plasma model.
  • Fast solver for the Helmholtz equation with varying coefficients.
  • Asymptotic behavior of a wave in the mode conversion region. Simulation of mode conversion.