CIMS is committed to providing safe and comfortable environment for faculty, students, researchers, administrators, and visitors.

For facilities-related questions or concerns, assistance submitting a work request, or follow-up of an existing issue, please contact Hilary Sachar, CIMS Facilities and Administrative Manager, at hilary.sachar at or 212-992-7701 (x27701).

Maintenance and Custodial Services

If you have identified a need for maintenance or custodial service in a restroom, classroom, conference room, office, or public space, please contact the Division of Operations Client Services Center:

Phone: 212-998-1001 (x81001)

Basic maintenance and custodial services include trash removal, recycling pick-up, restroom cleaning and replenishment of supplies, floor cleaning (vacuum, sweeping, washing, and polishing), general cleaning (including dusting), light bulb replacement, temperature adjustment, furniture repairs, lock and door repairs, frame and bulletin board hanging, window treatment repairs, classroom configuration set-ups, pest control, and placement of chalk and erasers (including dry boards and dry erasers) in classrooms.

In case of fire, police, or ambulance emergencies: Dial 911 (from an NYU phone, dial 9-911) for New York City emergency response.

Access to Warren Weaver Hall between 11pm and 7am:

To enter Warren Weaver Hall, please use the card reader located on the northern door of the Gould Plaza entrance or see the Public Safety officer in the lobby of Tisch Hall (40 W 4th St). Please use caution when entering and exiting the building after hours, as there is no Public Safety officer stationed in the building.


Please keep doors locked when you are not in your office and do not leave valuables unattended. If you see anything suspicious, please contact Public Safety or 911 immediately.

Warren Weaver Public Safety Desk: 212-998-3018 (x83018)

Broadway Public Safety Desk: 212-998-1334 (x81334)

Main Public Safety Office (located at 14 Washington Pl): 212-998-2222 (x82222)

Off Hours Emergency Facilities Issues

Between 10pm and 6am Monday thru Friday and between 8pm and 8am Saturday and Sunday, please report emergencies facilities issues to 212-995-3344 (x53344). Please leave a message with the location (building and room) and details of the issue. In addition, you may contact Public Safety at 212-998-2222 (x82222).

Classroom Reservations

Please submit all classroom and conference room reservations though the on-line reservation system located at Reservation questions may be emailed to scheduler at

Recycling Services

NYU recycling services include the pick up of technosrap bins and large blue mixed bins located in common areas. Users of small desk-side recycling bins are responsible for transferring contents into the larger bins for pick-up. More information about NYU Recycling Services may be found at

Telephone Service Requests

For ITS telephone service requests, including jack issues, phone lines, termination of services, voice mailboxes, or long distance authorization codes, please contact Hilary Sachar, CIMS Facilities and Administrative Manager, at hilary.sachar at or 212-992-7701 (x27701).

Outgoing Calls

For calls to an NYU line, dial the last five digits of the number.

For calls to an outside line, dial 9 + 1 + area code for all numbers, including local calls.

Directory Assistance

For NYU directory assistance, dial 0 from an NYU phone.

For local directory assistance and long distance directory assistance, dial 9 + 1 + (area code) 555-1212 + authorization code.

For toll-free directory assistance dial 9 + 1 + 800 + 555-1212.

Additional directory information may be found on the NYU website or CIMS directory.

Voice Mail Services

Voice mailbox user information may be found on the ITS website.

Speed Dial

The Cisco IP phones have a speed dial feature that needs to be configured through a web interface. Log in to the CM User Options web page with your NYU NetID and password, and then go to User Options > Device > Speed Dials. Enter in your desired numbers, and then click Save. Upon saving, your phone will restart to complete the process.

To make a call using speed dial, press the speed dial number associated with the phone number that you want to call, and then press the softkey labeled "AbbrDial".

Further Telephone Features

More information about telephone features for various models can also be found on the ITS website.

Long Distance Calls

Long distance phone calls require an authorization code. To place a long distance call, dial 9 + 1 + area code + number. After the beeps, enter your authorization code.

Supplies and Mail

For large copying jobs, supplies, and mail services, please see Larry Cohen in room 815, ext.83117 between 8:00am - 11:45am & 1:00pm - 4:00pm.

Duplicating Services

All large xerox jobs may require 24 hours turnaround.


The institute will pay first-class postage for all business-related material. Express UPS next day service and bulk mailing should be processed by Larry, in the duplicating center. Overnight mail is restricted to emergencies and can only be used when first approved by Larry or your budget officer. Please remember that there are different weight limits for foreign packages over a pound, and that you will need a custom tag on all foreign packages that weigh over a pound. All packages (FedEx, UPS, etc.) are delivered to Larry Cohen in Room 815, ext.83117 each day, where they are signed for and held for you to pick up. Larry will email, call, or put a slip in your mailbox to inform you about your package.


For occupants of Warren Weaver hall, mailboxes are located in the lobby behind the Public Safety desk. For occupants of 715/719 Broadway, mailboxes are located in the reception area of each floor.

Mail Distribution

First class mail is distributed each morning; interoffice mail is distributed in the morning and afternoon. Problems with mail distribution or package pick up should be referred to Larry Cohen in room 815,ext.83117.

Mail Forwarding

First class and interoffice mail will be forwarded at your request. Please see Larry Cohen for more information.


If a staff or faculty member needs to order supplies from Staples, please give Larry 2 to 3 days notice.


Basic copier machines are located on each floor of WWH and Broadway. Problems with these floor copiers should be referred to Larry Cohen. Bring large copying jobs to Larry Cohen in Room 815, ext.83117.


There is a fax machine (212-995-4121) in room 815,ext.83117. All faxes should have a least the person's name or room number on them. Larry will email or call upon receipt of a fax, or leave it in your mailbox.