Typical Administrative Aide Duties

Austin, Timothy
Mathematics 803 WWH
Lo, Stephanie
Avellaneda, Marco Mathematics 1012 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Bakhtin, Yury (Yuri)
Mathematics 713 WWH
Parghi, Neelang
Bari, Anasse
Computer Science 425 WWH
Paguyo, James
Barrett, Clark Computer Science 403 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Ben Arous, Gerard Mathematics 1303 WWH Carey, Lena Jane
Berger, Marsha Computer Science, Mathematics 1121 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Berman, Simeon Mathematics 621 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Bloomberg, Amos
Computer Science 424 WWH 
Paguyo, James
Bogomolov, Fedor Mathematics 602 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Bonneau, Richard Computer Science, Biology 852 BROWN
Lo, Stephanie
Bourgade, Paul
Mathematics 603 WWH
Lo, Stephanie
Buhler, Oliver Mathematics 1013 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Cai, Shenou David Mathematics 1125 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Cappell, Sylvain Mathematics 1112 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Cerfon, Antoine
Mathematics 1011 WWH
Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Cheeger, Jeff Mathematics 802 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Chen, Yu Mathematics 1126 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Childress, Stephen Mathematics 1305 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Cho, Kyunghyun
Computer Science, associated with CDS
1001 715BW Tam, Hong
Clayton, Joshua
Computer Science 420 WWH Paguyo, James
Cole, Richard Computer Science 417 WWH TBD
Cousot, Patrick
Computer Science
405 WWH
Davis, Ernest Computer Science 329 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Deift, Percy Mathematics 1028 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Dodis, Yevgeniy Computer Science 413 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Donev, Alex
Mathematics 1016 WWH
Mejia, Sylvia
Edwards, Harold Mathematics 611 WWH TBD
Engel, Deena Computer Science 422 WWH Paguyo, James
Fergus, Rob
Computer Science
1226 719BW
Tam, Hong
Fernandez Granda, Carlos
Mathematics, associated with CDS
1109 WWH
Mileski, Jackie
Franchitti, Jean-Claude
Computer Science
309 WWH
Tracy, Stephanie
Geiger, Davi Computer Science, Neural Science 1225 719BW Tam, Hong
Gerber, Edwin
Mathematics (AOS) 911 WWH
Mejia, Sylvia
Germain, Pierre
Parghi, Neelang
Giannakis, Dimitrios
Mathematics 910 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Goldberg, Benjamin Computer Science 401 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Goodman, Jonathan Mathematics 529 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Gottlieb, Allan Computer Science 712 715BW Cerve, Leslie
Greengard, Leslie Mathematics 1117 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Greenleaf, Frederick Mathematics 613 WWH TBD
Grishman, Ralph Computer Science 703 715BW Cerve, Leslie
Gromov, Mikhael Mathematics 1130 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Gunturk, Sinan Mathematics 616 WWH Lo, Stephanie
Hameiri, Eliezer Mathematics 1030 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Hang, Fengbo
630 WWH
Mejia, Sylvia
Hanhart, Alexander
Mathematics 725 WWH
Parghi, Neelang
Hausner, Melvin Mathematics 611 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Holland, David Mathematics (AOS) 912 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Holmes-Cerfon, Miranda
Mathematics 1107 WWH
Mileski, Jackie
Hoppensteadt, Frank Mathematics 427 WWH
Mejia, Sylvia
Hull, Nathan Computer Science 322 WWH Paguyo, James
Jankowski, Christopher
Mathematics 722 WWH
Parghi, Neelang
Kalaycioglu, Selin
Mathematics 723 WWH
Parghi, Neelang
Kapp, Craig
Computer Science 420 WWH Paguyo, James
Kedem, Zvi Computer Science 427 WWH Cerve, Leslie
Khot, Subhash
Computer Science
416 WWH
Mileski, Jackie
Kleeman, Richard Mathematics (AOS) 929 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Kleiner, Bruce
629 WWH
Lo, Stephanie
Klukowska, Joanna
Computer Science 423 WWH Paguyo, James
Kohn, Robert Mathematics 502 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Kolm, Petter
520 WWH
Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Korth, Evan Computer Science 319 WWH Paguyo, James
Lax, Peter Mathematics 810 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
LeCun, Yann Computer Science 1220 719 BW Tam, Hong
Leingang, Matthew
Mathematics 726 WWH
Parghi, Neelang
Li, Jinyang Computer Science 708 715 BW Cerve, Leslie
Lin, Fang-Hua Mathematics 717 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Lubetzky, Eyal
Mathematics 813 WWH
Mejia, Sylvia
Majda, Andrew Mathematics (AOS) 902 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Majmudar, Trushant
Mathematics 719 WWH

Parghi, Neelang
Marques, Sophie
519 WWH
Parghi, Neelang
Masmoudi, Nader Mathematics 729 WWH Mileski, Jackie
McKean, Henry Mathematics 1002 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
McLaughlin, David Mathematics 1221 Bobst Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Mishra, Bhubaneswar Computer Science, Mathematics 1002 719BW Tam, Hong / Students
Mogilner, Alex
Mathematics, Biology 903 WWH
Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Mohri, Mehryar Computer Science 701 WWH TBD
Morawetz, Cathleen Mathematics 421 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Newman, Charles Mathematics 817 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Nirenberg, Louis Mathematics 704 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Nissenbaum, Helen
Computer Science
708 EAST
Lo, Stephanie
Novikoff, Albert Mathematics 620 WWH TBD
Odeh, Sana Computer Science 321 WWH Paguyo, James
O'Neil, Michael
Engineering, Mathematics 1122 WWH
Mileski, Jackie
Overton, Michael Computer Science, Mathematics 302 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Panozzo, Daniele
Computer Science 1224 719BW
Tam, Hong
Pauluis, Olivier Mathematics (AOS) 913 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Percus, Jerome Mathematics, Physics 501 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Perlin, Kenneth Computer Science
1202 715BW Tam, Hong
Peskin, Charles Mathematics 917 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Pirutka, Alena
604 WWH
Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Pollack, Richard Mathematics 522 WWH TBD
Rangan, Aaditya Mathematics 1123 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Rappaport, Ted
Computer Science
702 715 BW
Cerve, Leslie
Regev, Oded
Computer Science 303 WWH
Lo, Stephanie
Rinzel, John Neural Science, Mathematics 919 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Mathematics 1127 WWH
Mileski, Jackie
Sager, Naomi Computer Science 1007 715BW Tam, Hong
Sekine, Satoshi Computer Science 710 719BW Cerve, Leslie
Serfaty, Sylvia Mathematics 811 WWH Lo, Stephanie
Shasha, Dennis Computer Science 710 715BW Cerve, Leslie
Shatah, Jalal Mathematics 712 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Shelley, Michael Mathematics 1102 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Shepherd, Randy
Computer Science 425 WWH
Paguyo, James
Shoup, Victor Computer Science 418 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Siegel, Alan Computer Science 330 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Smith, Shafer Mathematics 916 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Sontag, David
Computer Science
1204 715BW
Tam, Hong
Spencer, Joel Mathematics, Computer Science 829 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Stadler, Georg
Mathematics 1111 WWH
Mileski, Jackie
Stein, Dan Mathematics 811 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Stepp, Elizabeth
Mathematics 721 WWH
Parghi, Neelang
Subramanian, Lakshmi Computer Science 706 715 BW Cerve, Leslie
Tabak, Esteban Mathematics 1017 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Ting, Lu Mathematics 509 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Tranchina, Daniel Biology, Mathematics 918 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Trefethen, L. Nick
Mathematics, Computer Science 426 WWH Lo, Stephanie
Tschinkel, Yuri Mathematics 617 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Vanden Eijnden, Eric Mathematics 1116 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Varadhan, S. R. Srinivasa Mathematics 1313 WWH Mejia, Sylvia
Versoza, Joseph
Computer Science 423 WWH
Paguyo, James
Walfish, Michael
Computer Science 707 715BW
Cerve, Leslie
Weitzner, Harold Mathematics 1027 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Widlund, Olof Mathematics 612 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Wies, Thomas Computer Science 407 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Wright, Margaret Computer Science 430 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Yap, Chee Computer Science 301 WWH Mojar-Calderon, Daisy
Young, Lai-Sang Mathematics 702 WWH Parghi, Neelang
Young, Robert
Mathematics 601 WWH
Lo, Stephanie
Youngren, Drew
Mathematics 721 WWH
Parghi, Neelang
Zahran, Mohamed
Computer Science 320 WWH
Tracy, Stephanie
Zeitouni, Ofer
Mathematics 812 WWH
Lo, Stephanie
Zhang, Jun Physics, Mathematics 104 WWH Mileski, Jackie
Zorin, Denis Computer Science 1201 715BW Tam, Hong

Courant Instructors and other non faculty researchers should contact Martha Torres regarding administrative support.