NYU Courant Institute Columbia APAM


As a part of RTG activities, the faculty will develop a number of courses to complement existing set of relevant courses at NYU and Columbia, and significantly extend web materials for existing courses.

This list of courses is a sampling of recent offerings in numerical mathematics and scientific computing; many other relevant courses in applied mathematics, computer science and mathematical analysis can be found in the course listings at NYU Math, NYU CS, and Columbia APAM.

NYU CS and Mathematics courses

G63.2043/G22.2112 Scientific Computing

G63.2010/G22.2420 Numerical Methods I

G63.2020/G22.2421 Numerical Methods II

G22.2730/G63.2741 Linear Programming

G22.2243-001 High Performance Computer Architecture

G63.2030/G22.2945 Advanced Numerical Analysis: Finite Element Methods

G63.2031/G22.2750 Advanced Numerical Analysis: Nonlinear Optimization

G63.2011/G22.2945 Special Topics: Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization

G63.2011/G22.2945 Special Topics: Computational Interface Dynamics

G63.2012/G22.2945 Special Topics: Integral Equations, Fast Algorithms, and Potential Theory

Columbia APAM courses

APMA 4301 Numerical Methods for PDEs

AMCS 4302 Parallel Scientific Computing

APMA 6302 Numerical Analysis of PDEs (New RTG course)

G6943 Myths and Methods in Modeling

E4400 Introduction to Biophysical Modeling