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Speaker: Robert Young
Title: Quantifying simple connectivity: an introduction to the Dehn function
Date and time: October 27, 1:00 p.m. (pizza and drinks at 12:45 p.m.)
Venue: WWH 1302


Many theorems start by taking an existence theorem and asking ``How many?'' or ``How big?'' or ``How fast''. The best-known example may be the prime number theorem. Euclid proved that infinitely many primes exist, and the prime number theorem describes how quickly they grow. I'll discuss what happens when you apply the same idea to simple connectivity. In a simply-connected space, any closed curve is the boundary of some disc, but how big is that disc? And what can that tell you about the geometry of the space?

About this seminar

This seminar is meant to benefit young mathematicians, particularly graduate students and postdocs.
It aims to accomplish the following: The research talks should be fairly introductory and accessible to students and non-specialists in the audience.

Schedule Fall 2017

October 6

Speaker: Robert Kohn
Title:Energy driven pattern formation

October 13

Speaker: Aaditya Rangan
Title:Covariate-corrected biclustering methods for gene-expression and GWAS data

October 27

Speaker: Robert Young
Title:Quantifying simple connectivity: an introduction to the Dehn function

November 10

Speaker: Edwin Gerber

December 1

Speaker: Paul Bourgade

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If you would like to give a talk or ask a question about the seminar, please contact one of the seminar organizers:

Marguerite Brownbrownml [at] cims [dot] nyu [dot] edu
Reza Gheissarireza [at] cims [dot] nyu [dot] edu
Benjamin McKennamckenna [at] cims [dot] nyu [dot] edu
David Padilla Garzapadilla [at] cims [dot] nyu [dot] edu

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