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Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers. If you have a question you don't see answered below, please write to us at

I did not sign up, and it is past the deadline. Can I come?

We don't know yet - it depends how many students have signed up already. If we have not yet passed capacity, then we will have on-site signups. Please check our homepage for updates.

I signed up, but did not register for classes, and the class registration has closed. Can I come?

Yes, you can come, but please please please try to register for classes before the deadline. There will be a limited amount of class registration happening on the day of, but it will be slow and is way way way less fun than doing it online. Also, the classes fill up quickly so you may not get the classes you want!

I'm a parent. Can I come?

We strongly discourage parents from accompanying their children to cSplash. If you are travelling from far away, here is a list of recommended places to visit in the neighborhood. (If your child has a disability or other special circumstances that require them to be accompanied, please let us know and we can make an exception.)

I'm a high school teacher, university student, or adult who wants to sit in on classes. Is that OK?

Yes, that's OK, but please recognize that cSplash is intended for high school students, so they will be given priority in registering for classes. You can sign-up to let us know you are coming, but you won't be able to register for classes until the day of cSplash. On that day, please sign in at the Visitor's desk and there you will be able to find out the locations of the classes which are not full.

We also ask that any adults and college-students refrain from dominating class participation -- if you have questions, please talk to the teacher afterwards.

I'm under 12 or am not yet in 9th grade, can I still sign-up?

We strongly recommend that young students wait until they are older to attend. If you are under 12 and you think you would benefit from cSplash, please email us at to explain why you are interested in attending. Parents, please note that writing on behalf of your child will not result in an exception to this policy.