:Courant Student Conference 2009      :: 
		:May 1st, 2009, 4-6pm                 :: 
		:13th Floor Lounge, Courant Institute :: 

		Courant graduate students from all areas are invited to
		present a poster of their present or past work.

		* Practice your presentation skills
		* Get exposed to other students work
		* Share ideas and perhaps start new collaborations
		* Present to a diverse audience
		* Have a great time with other graduate students!

		All Courant graduate students, postdoc fellows and faculty
                are encouraged to attend and view the posters. 
		Food and refreshments will be served. 

		The audience will vote on the three best posters, which 
		will be awarded $100 each.

		:Extended deadline: April 24, 2009:: 

		Prospective presenters are invited to submit an abstract 
		by sending an email to one of the organizers (see below). 
		A figure or table can be included, if relevant.
		We encourage the submission of both work in progress
		and work that has been published or presented elsewhere.

			PDF version of the call for participation.

			Simple guidelines for making and presenting a poster.

		Note: You can make a poster by printing presentation slides
		in A4/letter paper and arranging them on the poster board.

		:CSC 2009 Abstracts:: 

		* Step Evolution for Crystals of Finite Size: The ADL case
		  Hala Al-Hajj Shehadeh, Robert Kohn
		* Does Privacy Require True Randomness?
		  Carl Bosley, Yevgeniy Dodis
		* Sparsity in Time Series Analysis
		  Carl Bosley, Dennis Shasha and Jiexun Xu
		* Shading-Based Surface Editing
		  Yotam Gingold and Denis Zorin
		* Buttressing and stability of marine Ice sheets
		  Daniel Goldberg, David Holland and C. Schoof
		* Learning Invariant Features through Topographic Filter Maps
		  Koray Kavukcuoglu, MarcAurelio Ranzato, Rob Fergus, Yann LeCun
		* Stability Analysis for Practical SigmaDelta-Quantization Schemes
		  Felix Krahmer, Percy Deift and Sinan Gunturk
                * Anisotropic Harmonic Quadrangulation
                  Denis Kovacs and Denis Zorin
		* Dark Flash Photography
		  Dilip Krishnan, Rob Fergus
		* Surfactant-coated interfaces in 2D Stokes Flow
		  Enkeleida Lushi, Mary Catherine Kropinski
		* Analysis of the Look-Ahead Model of RNA Elongation during Transcription
		  Andrew Matteson, Charles Peskin
		* Comparing SVM and Convolutional Networks for Epileptic Seizure 
		  Prediction from Intracranial EEG
		  Piotr Mirowski, Deepak Madhavan, Ruben Kuzniecky and Yann LeCun
		* SUTTA: Scoring-and-Unfolding Trimmed Tree Assembler
		  Giuseppe Narzisi and Bud Mishra
		* Inexpensive Multi-Touch Pressure Acquisition Devices (IMPAD)
		  Ilya Rosenberg, Ken Perlin, Nadim Awad, Merve Keles, Alexander Grau, 
		  Charles Hendee, Lixin Xin
		* Domain Adaptation: Learning Bounds and Algorithms
		  Afshin Rostamizadeh, Yishay Mansour and Mehryar Mohri
		* Research about online photo sharing
		  Adrian Secord et al.
		  Article under review
		* A Multi-Range Architecture for Collision-Free Off-Road
		  Robot Navigation
		  Pierre Sermanet, Raia Hadsell, Marco Scoffier, Matt Grimes, Jan Ben,
		  Ayse Erkan, Chris Crudele, Urs Muller and Yann LeCun
		* Unblocking the Internet: Social networks foil censors
		  Yair Sovran, Jinyang Li and Lakshminarayanan Subramanian

		:CSC 2009 Organizing Committee:: 
                * Piotr Mirowski, mirowski [AT] cs [DOT] nyu [DOT] edu
		* Enkeleida Lushi, lushi [AT] cims [DOT] nyu [DOT] edu
		* Felix Krahmer, krahmer [AT] cims [DOT] nyu [dot] edu
		* Yotam Gingold, gingold [AT] cs [DOT] nyu [DOT] edu