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Han kan räkna bort krisen - MENT.SE
Written by Petter Kolm   

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Gold Book Honorees Are the Street's Future Stars
Written by Petter Kolm   

This year, the Advanced Trading Gold Book introduces a new class of quants – 18 exceptional individuals who will shape the future with their wide bases of knowledge and experience.

These individuals are graduating soon and are preparing for a future career on Wall Street.  

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Wall Street Rocket Scientists Crash to Earth - AFP 4/7/09
Written by Petter Kolm   

NEW YORK (AFP) — There's a reason Wall Street resembles a rocket experiment gone wrong: rocket scientists helped make it happen.

Known as quants, these are the mathematicians and physicists who devised the financial instruments and computer programs fueling stock markets' spectacular rise and collapse.

And while in good times they became financial rock stars, quants -- short for quantitative analysts -- are now being cast as villains of an industry that abandoned its values.

Buffeted "Quants" Are Still in Demand - Reuters 12/21/08
Written by Petter Kolm   

How is the "quant" job market today? How are the mathematical finance and financial engineering programs fairing during the crisis? In this article by Phil Wahba (Reuters) market practitioners, professors and program directors (Gregg Berman, Rick Bryant, Emanuel Derman, Petter Kolm, Andrew Lo, Matt McCormick, Peter Morici, Nassem Taleb) respond.

Crazy Money - Science Magazine
Written by Petter Kolm   

As I am sure you have noticed, we are currently undergoing a serious financial crisis. How did we end up here - and how could the financial experts be so wrong? This article from Science (December 2008, Vol. 322) featuring Andrew Lo, Jeffrey Wurgler, Bjorn Flesaker, Lee Maclin, and Petter Kolm addresses this and related questions.

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