Quantitative Trading
Written by Casey Edward O'Meara   

On November 13th, the masters students were presented to by program alum and industry practitioner Jeff Miller. After emerging from the program back in 2000, Jeff worked for several years at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Upon leaving Goldman, he joined what has now become WorldQuant LLC where he continues to work as a quantitative fund manager. Jeff discussed with the students his journey through the industry comparing his experience working for the banking giant Goldman to that of working for WorldQuant, a firm that has grown to a staff of roughly 30.

Jeff explained how the experience and industry knowledge that one can gain by working for a big firm can be indispensable but that the latitude provided to explore areas of interest can often be limited. He then stressed that in order to gain that extra latitude, the most important thing a person can to do is to find their “edge”; that is, that unique quality or ability that sets them apart and earns the attention of those with influence.–CASEY O’MEARA '08