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Financial Times: Joint Degree for Wall Street Wizards
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Written by Petter Kolm   

The MBA/MS in Mathematics in Finance programme will deliver all the management skills of the MBA alongside the quantitative mathematical skills needed for a top Wall Street career. “Wall Street has long looked to Stern for financial management talent and to Courant for quantitative finance talent,” says Thomas Cooley, dean of NYU Stern. “For those who aspire to build robust careers on Wall Street, our new joint programme will give students the best of both worlds, with unparalleled access to the latest financial research and practice.”

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Structuring Trade Execution Analytics Around The Investment Process
Written by Casey Edward O'Meara   
Ian Domowitz of Investment Technology Group Inc. spoke with the financial mathematics students on Tuesday, October 30th. As a specialized brokerage house, ITG is at the forefront of the growing field in financial engineering dealing with issues of market impact and optimal trade execution. Mr. Domowitz discussed the many challenges faced by ITG in its quest to diminish transaction costs for its clients and thereby allow their funds to reach their full alpha potential.–CASEY O’MEARA
Credit Rating, Rating Agencies and the Current Crisis
Written by Casey Edward O'Meara   
On Tuesday, October 23rd, the masters students sat down with Carl Adams of Capital Framework Advisors LLC to discuss the current credit crisis. Mr. Adams helped the students make sense of this summer’s events by describing the roles of credit rating agencies, where these agencies may have faltered with respect to the crisis, and how their use of careful financial engineering may help to prevent such crises in the future. –CASEY O’MEARA '08
Career Development Workshop
MAF Reports
Written by Casey Edward O'Meara   

For many of NYU’s financial mathematics students, the past few years have been filled largely with academic challenges. The majority of students have little to no experience in the workforce and are unfamiliar with the many challenges posed by the job search process. However on Friday, October 12th, the program held its annual Career Development Workshop to help them address this.

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