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Tong (Tony) Gao

Applied Mathematics Laboratory
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University
251 Mercer St. Warren Weaver Hall (WWH)
New York, NY 10012

Office: WWH 1101

Research Interests

Generally speaking, I work in the areas of fluid mechanics and biophysics, with focus on fluid-structure interactions, complex
fluids and biomaterials. I'm particuclarly interested in understanding new phenomena in both passive and active systems in soft
matter, such as cytoskeletal network, bacterial suspensions, and hydrogel particles. Due to the intrinsic multiscale-coupling of
physics in these systems, I have been working on analysis across scales through development and integration of numerical and
theoretical tools.
  • Active matter /soft matter
  • Complex fluids and materials
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Liquid crystal physics
  • Cell mechanics
  • Fluid structure interaction
  • Fast summation methods
  • Electrohydrodynamics
  • Microfluidics

Journal Publications

  • T. Gao, R. Blackwell, M. A. Glaser, M. D. Betterton, M. J. Shelley, "Multiscale polar theory of microtubule and motor-protein
       assemblies", Phys. Rev. Lett. 114 (2015), 048101. (Doi)

  • T. Gao, H. H. Hu, P. Ponte Castañeda, "Dynamics and rheology of elastic particles in an extensional flow", J. Fluid Mech.
       715 (2013), 573-596. (Doi)

  • T. Gao, H. H. Hu, P. Ponte Castañeda, "Shape dynamics and rheology of soft elastic particles in a shear flow", Phys. Rev. Lett.
       108 (2012), 058302. (Doi)

  • T. Gao, H. H. Hu, P. Ponte Castañeda, "Rheology of a suspension of elastic particles in a viscous shear flow", J. Fluid Mech.
       687 (2011), 209-237. (Doi)

  • T. N. Swaminathan, T. Gao, H. H. Hu, "Deformation of a long elastic particle undergoing electrophoresis", J. Colloid Interface
    346 (2010), 270-276. (Doi)

  • T. Gao, H. H. Hu, "Deformation of elastic particles in viscous shear flow", J. Comput. Phys. 228 (2009), 2132-2151. (Doi)

  • T. Gao, X. Lu, "Insect normal hovering flight in ground effect", Phys. Fluids 20 (2008), 087101. (Doi)

  • T. Gao, N. Liu, X. Lu, "Numerical analysis of the ground effect on insect hovering", J. Hydrodyn., Ser. B 20 (2008), 17-22.    (Doi)

  • T. Gao, Y. Tseng, X. Lu, "An improved hybrid Cartesian/immersed boundary method for fluid-solid flows", Int. J. Num.
       Methods Fluids
    55 (2007), 1189-1211. (Doi)

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