Discrete Mathematics

Please read the syllabus for more information. The textbook is available at here .


  1. Homework 1 Due on Thursday, September 13th. Solution is here
  2. Homework 2 Due on Thursday, September 20th. Solution is here
  3. Homework 3 Due on Thursday, September 27th. Solution is here
  4. Homework 4 Due on Tuesday, October 9th. Solution is here
  5. Homework 5 Due on Thursday, October 18th. Solution is here
  6. Homework 6 Due on Thursday, October 25th. Solution is here
  7. Homework 7 Due on Tuesday, November 6th. Solution is here
  8. Homework 8 Due on Tuesday, November 13th. Solution is here
  9. "Homework 9" Some non-graded sample problems about expectation, variance, law of large number and central limit theorem. Solutions will be posted on Sunday.
    Solution is here
  10. Homework 10 Due on Thursday, December 6th. Solution is here
  11. Homework 11 Due on Thursday, December 13th. Solution is here


  1. Midterm exam 1: October 11th. Section 3-12, 14-17, 20-22 will be covered.
    Click here to see the format of the exam. The solution of midterm exam 1 is here
  2. Midterm exam 2 is postponed to Nov 20th. Section 17,19, 24, 25 (and cardinality of real number), 30-34 will be covered. Click here to see some helpful information of the exam.
    Solution of midterm exam 2 is Here (Link will be available after 3:50pm.)
  3. Final Exam: 2:00 -- 3:50, December 18th (in our class room). All materials in this semester will be covered (50% graph theory, 50% other) .
    20 sample problems will be posted online 9:00 am, December 12th. 4 of them will be selected as problems in the final exam. (13 pts each).
    Other problems are 6 multiple choice and 10 T/F. (3 pts each)
    Click here to see the sample problems.
  4. Click Here to see the solution of final exam. Link will be available after 3:50pm.