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New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences is a leading center for research and education in mathematics and computer science. For seventy-five years, we have contributed to U.S. and international science and engineering by promoting an integrated view of mathematics and computation.   [Read More]

News & Announcements

Subhash Khot Wins The Nevanlinna Prize! Warm Congratulations to Subhash!!

Please see the news release for further information. Also read "What It Takes to Win the World's Highest… [more]


David Sontag and Thomas Wies have each received an NSF CAREER award for their projects "Exact Algorithms for Learning Latent… [more]

Profile of Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun's work on back-propagation neural networks and deep learning are the subject of an in-depth profile in Wired.


Tom Trogdon 2014 recipient of the SIAM Richard C. DiPrima Prize

The 2014 Recipient of the SIAM Richard C. DiPrima Prize is Tom Trogdon! Congratulations Tom!!

For further details, please visit… [more]

Leslie Greengard to give John Von Neumann Lecture at SIAM annual meeting on Tuesday, July 8.

For further information, please click here:


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Seminars and Events

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Geometry Seminar
6:00PM, WWH 1314
Title: Computing Teichmuller maps between polygons.
Mayank Goswami, Max-Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbruecken.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Applied Mathematics Seminar
2:30PM, WWH 1302
Title: Viruses and geometry – a new perspective on virus assembly and anti-viral therapy
Reidun Twarock, University of York

Saturday, September 06, 2014

1:00PM, WWH 101
Title: A Symposium Marking Jean Taylor's 70th Birthday
Various speakers,
Friends and Colleagues of Jean Taylor will gather to celebrate her scientific accomplishments and impact. If you wish to participate, please sign up at

Also note: the Museum of Mathematics will hold a related event later the same day (Sat Sept 6, 8-10:30pm). Besides being an opportunity to recognize Jean Taylor's many contributions, it provides an opportunity to see MoMath's exhibits. For more information and/or to register for the MoMath event, see:

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

12:30PM, WWH 1314
Title: Role of linker histones in the structure and dynamics of chromatin fibers
Antoni Luque, Postdoc, Schlick Lab, Chemistry Department, New York University
Algebraic Geometry Seminar
3:30PM, WWH 201
Title: Kodaira dimension and zeros of holomorphic one-forms
Christian Schnell, Stony Brook University
Geometry Seminar
6:00PM, WWH 1314
Title: Combinatorial discrepancy for boxes via the ellipsoid-infinity norm.
Sasho Nikolov, Rutgers University

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Special Events

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