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Scientific Distinction

The Institute's faculty have received many diverse awards, for their scientific research, and service to the community at large.  Prizes from professional societies, foundations, and government organizations provide one form of recognition. Election to elite scientific societies serves as another type of recognition. Several members of the faculty have been active in the governance of scientific organizations or have served on committees that guide national science policy; and several faculty members have served on or chaired committees of the National Research Council.

Several members of the faculty have been active in the governance of scientific organizations or have served on committees that guide national science policy. Peter D. Lax and Cathleen S. Morawetz have served terms as President of the American Mathematical Society, and Margaret Wright was President of SIAM. In 2000, she won the SIAM Distinguished Service Award, and in 2002 the AMS Public Service Award.

Our faculty is dedicated to teaching as well as to research. One recognition of excellence in the classroom is NYU's Golden Dozen Award, bestowed since 1997 on Frederick P. Greenleaf, Melvin Hausner, Samuel Marateck, and Esteban G. Tabak. Another is NYU's Outstanding Teacher Award, which has been awarded to Deena Engel, Nathan Hull, and Samuel Marateck. Albert B.J. Novikoff received the MAA's Distinguished University Teaching Award in 1996. Charles S. Peskin won the NYU Alumni Association's Great Teacher Award in 1999.

A measure of the Institute's strength is the rate at which new recognitions accrue. Here is a partial list of our scientific awards:


Abel Prize

American Physical Society Fellow
Association for Computing Machinery Fellows
Members of the National Academy of Sciences

Members of the National Academy of Engineering

Members of the Institute of Medicine

Academia Sinica, Beijing

Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letter

French Academy of Sciences

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Israeli Academy of Sciences

Soviet Academy of Sciences

National Medal of Science

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science/Technical Achievement Award

American Academy of Arts and Science

Balzan Prize in Mathematics

George David Birkhoff Prize in Applied Mathematics (AMS)

Bocher Prize of the AMS

Chauvenet Prize (AMS)

Crafoord Prize

Francois Frenkiel Award  (APS)

Guggenheim Fellowships 

Israel Prize

Kyoto Prize in Basic Science

Lester R. Ford Award (MAA)

Ralph E. Kleinman Award (SIAM)

MacArthur Foundation Fellowship

Mayor's Award for Excellence in Science and Technology

NAS Prize in Applied Mathematics

NASA Software of the Year

Ostrowski Prize

Packard Foundation Fellowships

Max Planck Research Prize

George Polya Prize (AMS/SIAM)


Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize in Mathematics

Silver Professorships

Sloan Research Fellowships

Margaret and Herman Sokol Faculty Award in the Sciences

Leroy P. Steele Prize (AMS)

Norbert Wiener AMS/SIAM Prize

Royal Irish Academy Fellow

Royal Society of Canada

Turing Award

Oswald Veblen Prize (AMS)

John von Neumann Prize (SIAM)

Wolf Prize