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Basic NYU Travel Guidelines

New Practices for NYU-Related Travel Effective 1/30/2012

In order to keep members of the NYU community safer as they travel for University-related purposes, the University is introducing a new web-based portal, NYU Traveler, that will be used by all those traveling for University-related purposes beginning in 1/30/2012.

FAQ about NYU Traveler can be found at:


You can receive either a per diem or be reimbursed for actual expenses:

    • Per diem rate: $50 per day (in U.S., Canada & Mexico).
    • When traveling to foreign counties per diem rate varies, see: here.
    • No receipts required for a per diem.
    • Traveler can be reimbursed for actual expenses with original meal receipts.
    • Restaurant "tear tabs" are not an acceptable receipt.
    • Alcoholic beverages are not an allowable expense on federal grants.

Air Travel


Mileage Reimbursement

Local Transportation

Special NYU Fare Agreements

For general information please see the Travel section on NYU's main website.

American Express Travel Card

Travel Advances

Use of Courant Business Travel Account

Please note that these rules apply both to NYU employees and students.

Forms and more information on advances can be found here.

If you have any questions on any of the above, contact the appropriate SPO, or other administrator.